PHRI 2019 Preparation Course (for Arabs) – HRCI Certification

GET $15 Discount – Limited Time PHRI 2019 – Professional In Human Resource International PHRI Preparation Course Content : Talent Acquisition HR Administration & Shared Services Talent Management & Development Compensation Benefits & Work Experience Employee Relations & Risk Management HR Information Management PHRI Preparation Course Details :  + 285 HD Videos Translate & ExplainContinue reading “PHRI 2019 Preparation Course (for Arabs) – HRCI Certification”

How will social media grow my business?

How will social media grow my business? Some companies have been able to grow their business massively because of how they have cleverly used this marketing tool.   But how can you do it? Simple. You need to: engage your customers listen to your customers build your business network find your cheerleaders do it allContinue reading “How will social media grow my business?”

Studies Quantify Savings with Consumer-Driven Health Plans

In his keynote presentation at the 2010 Employer Health & Human Capital Congress, held Feb. 3, 2010, near Washington, D.C., David Randall, executive director of the Consumer-Driven Health Care, took note of a 2009 survey by health insurer Aetna showing that: Full replacement consumer-directed health care (CDH) plans—offering health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursementContinue reading “Studies Quantify Savings with Consumer-Driven Health Plans”

Global Assignments Enhance Employee Development

By Roy Maurer  7/30/2015 ​More companies are sending employees abroad to help them grow needed skills, recent research finds. For the first time in years, building international management experience has appeared as one of the top two reasons for sending employees on international assignments, Brookfield Global Relocation Services (GRS) discovered, based on responses from globalContinue reading “Global Assignments Enhance Employee Development”

Is the Annual Performance Review Dead?

Companies are turning away from time-consuming paperwork and forced rankings By Dana Wilkie  7/31/2015 Permissions        The announcement by several high-profile companies that they are getting rid of annual performance reviews has sparked a national dialogue among HR professionals about the usefulness of such appraisals—and the alternatives available for deciding who gets pay raises,Continue reading “Is the Annual Performance Review Dead?”

Employers Struggle to Hire Hourly Workers as Turnover Rises

By Roy Maurer  7/31/2015 Seventy percent of service industry employers are finding it difficult to hire for hourly positions as turnover rates—and costs—are rising. A survey of 974 service industry professionals by PeopleMatter, a workforce management platform, found that finding enough high-quality candidates is their biggest challenge as hiring needs have increased. Two-thirds of respondentsContinue reading “Employers Struggle to Hire Hourly Workers as Turnover Rises”

Overtime Rule Change Bad for Business?

The Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) proposed rule to expand mandatory overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) would present such a financial hardship that many small companies and community service providers would be forced to close, representatives of those organizations say. Elizabeth Hays, SHRM-SCP, is director of human resources at Mars Home for YouthContinue reading “Overtime Rule Change Bad for Business?”

9 Tests Every Leader Must Pass

1. Do have a clear vision of the future that you’re actively driving? Leaders have a vision for a bigger, better and brighter future, and they have the courage to stand up for that vision when it’s under attack. However, effective leaders balance future vision with present-day reality. They know enough about the details to know whetherContinue reading “9 Tests Every Leader Must Pass”

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