5 Ps Of HRM

One Of The Six Models of HRM Is :

5 Ps Of HRM

5ps of hrm

The most familiar models defining what HRM is and how it operates are the 6 models, today we will overview about 5 Ps Of HRM

these six models are : 

  1. The matching model of HRM

  2. The Harvard model of HRM

  3. Contextual model of HRM

  4. European model of HRM

  5. The hard and soft HRM models

  6. 5 Ps Of HRM

The 5-Ps model of HRM :

As formulated by Schuler (1992) the 5-P model of HRM describes how HRM operates under the five headings of:
1. HR philosophy – a statement of how the organization regards its human resources, the role they play in the overall success of the business, and how they should be treated and managed.

2. HR policies – these provide guidelines for action on people-related business issues and for the development of HR programmes and practices based on strategic needs.

3. HR programs – these are shaped by HR policies and consist of coordinated HR efforts intended to initiate and manage organizational change efforts prompted by strategic business needs.

4. HR practices – these are the activities carried out in implementing HR policies and programmes. They include resourcing, learning and development, performance and reward management, employee relations and administration.

5. HR processes – these are the formal procedures and methods used to put HR strategic plans and policies into effect.

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